O&M for Children with Multiple Impairments

Give your students with multiple impairments a more fulfilling life.

Students with multiple disabilities have needs that we don't always learn about in our University classes. Each individual student has an array of obstacles/complications that can make it difficult to understand what they need in order to live their most independent, fulfilling lives.

For the past 11 years, I have seen this happen over and over again. It happens to all of us. We get a student who has multiple disabilities on our caseload. While we know they can accomplish so much more than they are doing right now, we aren't exactly sure how to help them get there or how to get their entire team on board.

In this study group, you will gain the knowledge and strategies that you need to effectively assess and teach children with multiple disabilities. You will have the confidence that you know what and how to assess students with multiple disabilities, how to write appropriate goals, and how work with each team member in order to help them increase their travel skills. You will be able to design Adapted Mobility Devices with ease and teach appropriate cane skills to a wide variety of students with multiple disabilities.

What's included:

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Live Webinars

4 monthly live interactive webinars to help you gain the strategies you need and have your questions answered.

We will meet over Zoom to allow each person the ability to share their ideas, case study information, and ask questions.

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Using effective methods to help your students with multiple impairments, you will finally begin to see your students' independence rise to it's fullest potential.

Study guides will help you plan your lessons and record your benchmark data.

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Join a group of dedicated Orientation and Mobility Specialists, just like you.

Get your questions answered before our monthly meetings in our private forums.

Learn from one another as you use the teaching methods in real world situations.


(Because you would totally do this even without the credits.)

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ACVREP Credits

This Study Group is eligible for 6 ACVREP Credits.

1/hour of webinar and 1/2 hour per month of assignments.

+ Continuing Education Certification

We will offer a certificate of completion for this professional development. Check with your administration to make sure it complies with your professional development requirements.

Your Instructor

Kassandra Maloney
Kassandra Maloney

Kassandra Maloney, M.S., COMS, has been a Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist for the past 11 years.

Throughout her time as an O&M Specialist, the majority of Kassy's caseload was primarily comprised of students with multiple impairments.

Kassy knows just how hard it can be to feel confident in addressing the needs of students with visual and multiple impairments. As an O&M Specialist, she developed a variety of strategies that has helped her improve her students' ability to know where they are in space and their ability to use their AMD, cane, or visual travel skills to access their environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a study group?
A study group is a professional development opportunity where a group of O&M Specialists will gather to learn about one specific topic.
I need a W-9 filled out by you. How can I get that?
Simply request the form by using the contact form below or send me an email. Give me the information of the person who needs the form and I will send it to them within 2 business days.
What is your refund policy?
We understand that life happens. If you need to request a refund, you are welcome to do so no later than 7 days prior to class starting on September 24th. That means, I need to know by September 17th.
What webinar platform do you use?
We will be using Zoom.us for these study groups. If you can't access Zoom on your computer, try accessing it on your phone via the phone numbers provided in your welcome email. Otherwise, ask your IT personnel to allow you access to Zoom.
Will we be able to ask questions on the webinars?
YES! That is exactly why we are hosting live, interactive webinars. This is OUR group. Please feel free to ask questions and share your expertise with the group.
How will we access the replays?
After each webinar, the replay will be uploaded to our private forum, where you can view it, comment, and fill out the evaluation form.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

This course is not open for registration.

Curriculum Overview:

Module 1: Assessment & Goal Writing

Interact LIVE: September 27, 2018 4PM EST*

  • Discover how specific impairments affect Orientation and Mobility.
  • Become proficient at assessing your students with multiple disabilities.
  • Easily take informal evaluative data on each student.
  • Develop appropriate goals and objectives for students with multiple disabilities.
  • In this class, we will each choose a student as our case study student for the duration of the semester.

Module 2: Spatial Awareness, Body Awareness, and Orientation

Interact LIVE: October 25, 2018 4PM EST*

  • Learn which impairments affect spatial awareness and why.
  • Be able to help your student master orientation strategies so your students can reach their fullest potential.
  • Increase your students' spatial awareness and body awareness so they know where they are in space.

Module 3: AMD + Cane Skills

Interact LIVE: November 15, 2018 4PM EST*

  • Know when it is and is not appropriate to incorporate Adapted Mobility Devices in to your students' classes.
  • Learn how to create Adapted Mobility Devices suitable to your students' needs.
  • Learn effective strategies to teach AMD and cane techniques to students with multiple disabilities.
  • Be able to role-release with your students' other teachers and parents.

This course is not open for registration.